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Our community network is linking people with opportunities to help the city and those who live here – whether that’s through offering time, talent or treasure.

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Newsletter Archives

May 2023

Made in Stoke #8: Good news happening in our network and what's next for the community.

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June 2023

Made in Stoke #9: The upcoming Made in Stoke launch and our search for Made in Stoke advocates.

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July 2023

Made in Stoke #10: A Feature Film about Stoke. An evening with Oscar winners at Lunar, Wedgwood.

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Frequently asked questions about Made in Stoke

What's the cost to join the community?

Made in Stoke is a free community that anyone with links to the area can join. There are no charges for joining our newsletter. We aim to bring you news, events and opportunities in the local area.

Who is the community for?

The community is for anyone that cares about changing and improving the city of Stoke and the wider areas of North Staffordshire. It's for people looking for a way to contribute back to the area and also for those looking for new opportunities.

How can I get involved?

The first step to getting involved in Made in Stoke is to join our newsletter and also our Facebook group. You can also let us know what you'd like to contribute, whether that's your time, skills or resources.